"As a doctor, I am fully aware of the negative effects of bacteria on one's health. The pursehook minimizes the amount of bacteria one encounters by offering a convenient alternative to putting your purse on the floor. I recommend this product to my patients and my friends!"

- Jenna, New York, NY

"Every bride looks for a unique gift to give her bridesmaids, and for me, the pursehook was it. It is trendy, useful and fits into most purses. My bridesmaids loved it and have even bought some of their own to give as gifts themselves."

- Syndy, Columbus, Ohio

"Living in New York City makes me fully aware of my surroundings, even while dining at a restaurant. The pursehook allows me to see my purse hanging on the table, have complete access to it, and not have to worry about it getting stolen while I'm eating."

- Gail, Brooklyn, NY

"I carry so much stuff in my diaper bag for such a tiny baby! I have been so grateful to have the pursehook; it is a small little product with a big impact. I am able to hang my overstuffed diaper bag on the sides of tables and counters, which allows me to have my hands free for more important things, or should I say people!"

- Lani, Long Island, New Jersey

"As a spa therapist, I am always looking for the newest trend, and was pleasantly surprised by the pursehook. I love handbags and hate to get them so dirty by putting them on the floor. I have given the pursehook as gifts and also recommended it to my clients who love it too!"

- Ivana, San Francisco, California

Overall Satisfaction:
"I spend hundreds of dollars on handbags and am a total germaphobe. That is why this product is so amazing for me. I am able to keep my prized handbags safe from harm or dirt and don't have to worry about the grimey mess on the bottom of the nightclub floors. Thank you SilverHooks!"

-Alissa, Scottsdale, Arizona

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