The SilverHooks Story

Silverhooks is an international importer of fine women's accessories based in Las Vegas.  Specializing in providing the highest quality women's products at outstanding prices.

The Signature Silverhook Pures Hook is where it all began! We used it everywhere we went and that little hook attracted so much attention, everyone wanted to know how they could keep their purse safe and clean! So we created, a website that was once the go to place for purse hangers is now a unique boutique of a wide variety of items that are fashionable, functional and affordable.

We went into business over 6 years ago and actually sold our first purse hooks out of our garage.  With the support of shoppers such as yourself, we now carry over 18,000 name-brand handbags, purses, wallets, jewelry, accessories, and yes...  we still are the leader in purse hooks.

Thank you for stopping by, we hope to see you back soon!




Melanie Howard