Sprigs Thinsulate Earbags

Sprigs Thinsulate Earbags


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These Sprigs Thinsulate Earbags are just what you need on a cold day. By wrapping snugly around your ears, these Earbags will keep the warm in and the cold out. Thinsulate fibers are often used in clothing such as gloves or winter jackets, and the same fibers are put into your Earbags allowing for you to retain the heat your body naturally produces while simultaneously allowing moisture to escape. The end result keeps you comfortable and warm. The Earbags come in sizes small, medium and large. Determining which size is right for you is simple! Measure your ear from top to bottom. If your ears are: 2.25" or smaller, then choose small! If your ears are between 2.25" and 2.75", then choose medium! If your ears are longer than 2.75", then large is the size for you. How do I put on my new Earbags? There are three simple steps: 1. Flex out your Earbags to open them, creating a pocket. 2. Slide your created pocket over the back of your ear. 3. Press the top and bottom of your Earbags until popped into place and you are ready to go!


  • · Look Good While Staying Warm!
  • · Uses Thinsulate Fibers for Optimal Warmth and Comfort
  • · Snug Fit Ensures They Will Stay Put
  • · Easy to Use and Small Enough to Store Anywhere
  • · Small


Additional Information

Brand Sprigs
Material Fleece
Dimensions Small


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