Silverhooks 28 Count Foldable Scarf Holder

Silverhooks 28 Count Foldable Scarf Holder


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Love scarves but having trouble managing your collection? Keep your closet organized and your scarves well displayed with this handy Hanging Scarf Organizer! Well made and durable, this scarf hanger will ensure you never lose track of your favorite scarves ever again. Featuring 28 storage loops, this organizer has enough room to hold your entire collection, from heavy winter scarves to lighter spring ones. The padded, woven material covering each loop ensures your scarves won't snag and catch, while holding them in place better than normal, metal constructed organizers. The hanging hook swivels for easy access to both sides, and allows for you to display and store your scarves anywhere you like. Not only does this scarf hanger help save on closet space, it also folds down for easy storage and travel. If you don't have enough scarves, no problem-- ties and other accessories fit right at home on the organizer as well. Measures 29" x 14.5" x 0.25" (when fully unfolded).


  • · ORGANIZATION- Tired of having to root though a massive pile of scarves to find the one you're looking for? We thought so, and this is where our Hanging Scarf Organizer comes in. This handy little hanger features 28 evenly spaces rings, letting you easily display all of your favorite scarves in easy eyesight.
  • · SPACE SAVING- Closet space is limited, especially in modern dwellings. Don't clutter what little space you have with boxes and bins; take a hint from any modern city-- think higher, and hang it! Whether you hang the organizer on a closet rod or back of a door, this scarf hanger will give you more bang for your buck. (Which really means you can fit more clothes. Who doesn't need more clothes?)
  • · NO MORE SNAGS- Nothing is more tragic than a trusted scarf holder turning on you, and ruining your favorite scarf. (Like the one you bought while backpacking through Europe all those years ago. Those were the days.) Each ring features padded, woven material covering it on all sides, meaning it won't catch and tear when a scarf is removed. Plus, the rattan covering helps prevent the scarves from sliding off the hanger when not in use.
  • · MULTIPURPOSE- This Hanging Scarf Organizer isn't just good at storing your scarves, it's also excellent at storing a multitude of different accessories. Is your closet overflowing with belts? Hang them here. Have more ties than you know what to do with? This nifty little hangar can hold those too. Regardless of what you decide to store, you can rest assured that they'll stay organized and tucked away, right where you want them.
  • · PRODUCT DIMENSIONS- Measures 29" x 14.5" x 0.25" (when fully unfolded)


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Material Metal, Paper


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