Summer Festival Must-Haves

By Spencer Norman July 28, 2014

Summer is the festival season for music lovers. It is the time of year to hit the road with your friends, travel to new cities, and party with your favorite bands. There are still some big name festivals on the horizon like EDC, Warped Tour, Lollapalooza, and even Austin City Limits. Make sure you are ready for a weekend long festival with these Seven Summer Festival Must-Haves.


Charging Wristlet


Mighty Purse

Your phone is your lifeline during a festival, try finding your friends in a crowd of thousands without one. Keeping your phone charged during a festival is no easy task, unless of course you have a Mighty Purse Wallet. This Wallet features a lightweight built-in battery that will charge USB Smartphones and Apple Products. Don’t find yourself at a festival without one.


Foldable Flats

You’ll be on your feet all day and well into the night when you go to a Music Festival; better make sure your feet are comfortable. While a pair of heels may look stylish, your feet will be begging for some relief after an hour or two. Something simple, easy and comfortable is a must. Carry these foldable, portable ballet flats from Sidekicks in a matching zipper clutch for carrying your new ballet flats.

 Quay Sunglasses



Having good head gear is important at a festival; whether it be a stylish hat, rain scarf, or sunglasses. Nothing is worse than trying to watch your favorite band perform and having the sun get in your eyes. Grab a pair of Wayfarers and you’ll comfortably protect your eyes while instantly improving your festival style. Not only will these Quay 1502 Wayfarers look stylish but they fold up for easy storage at night.

Personal First Aid Kit


First Aid Kit

Even if you're having a good time rocking out to your favorite bands, accidents can still happen. It’s best to be prepared and ready for accidents. This First Aid Personal Emergency Kit comes with two antiseptic wipes, two band-aids, one sewing kit, one roll of hem tape, one emery board, and a mini flashlight. 



Rain Poncho

Nothing drowns out the music quite like a rain storm when you aren’t expecting it. Don’t let your festival experience get rained out. Make sure to have a Rain Poncho on you so the music won't stop when the rain starts.

Fanny Pack


Fanny Packs

Need a safe place to keep your valuables that won’t get in the way of your fun? Try a fanny pack! Fanny packs are a great way to store your phone, money, camera and more. This Pink Croc Print Fanny Pack from Buxton will look great as you’re dancing to your favorite tunes.

thinksport Water Bottle

Water Bottles

Don’t let the summer heat ruin your fun. Make sure to stay hydrated during the day when temperatures rise. Trust us, festivals are a lot more fun when you aren’t dehydrated.

Fairy Wings



Music festivals are all about fun, good music, and friends. What better way to have fun than a little dress up. This Sparkling Fairy Costume is great for any festival, especially electronic music type of dance concerts.

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