Seasonal Scarf Style Guide

By Spencer Norman August 28, 2014

In just a blink of the eye fall will be standing on our door steps, and that means a few weeks later we can kiss the warm temperatures and sunny days goodbye. We don’t want to let the autumn season catch you by the bare neck, so we’ve selected our favorite fall scarves as a guide to keep you warm when the days start to get shorter.

Pashmina Scarf

With over 15 different colors, you can mix and match this Pashmina Scarf Shawl Wrap with a wide variety of winter outfits. Just because it is snowy and grey outside doesn’t mean your outfit has to mirror that weather. Brighten it up with a great Pashmina Scarf.


Need a scarf that can double as a clutch? Sholdit has it all wrapped up for you with their Infinity Clutch Wrap Scarf, capable of carrying some money while out shopping or even your phone or tablet. It’s also great for traveling since you can inconspicuously store your passport and valuables inside the scarf.

Flask Infinity Scarf

The Hidden Flask Infinity Loop Scarf from Baxbo may be one of the lighter scarves on this list, but that doesn’t preclude it from being a great winter scarf. It can be filled with a nice holiday drink like Eggnog or some other drinks that are bound to warm you up… or at least help you forget the temperature outdoors.


Premium Knit Thick Ribbed Infinity Scarf

This Premium Knit Thick Ribbed Infinity Scarf is a great accessory on those cold days. It is thick enough to provide a great amount of warmth, while the ribbing around the scarf is perfect for those windy days as it works to keep the wind away. If you live in a city like Chicago where the winters are cold and the wind is ever present, then this scarf was made for you.


Thick Braid Infinity Cable Knit Scarf

Some scarves are great at keeping you warm, but aren’t very comfortable or stylish. Others have all the style in the world, but aren’t very practical. Some can be incredibly comfortable, but too light to keep you warm in the winter. This Thick Braid Infinity Twist Cable Knit Scarf is a triple threat; it’s comfy, warm, and stylish all packed into one.


Cashmere Scarf w/ Gift Box

With over 30 different colors, it is almost impossible to not find a cashmere scarf to match with your favorite winter get-up. The scarf is silky smooth without sacrificing the necessary warmth you need to make it through those cold winters. When you do venture outside of the warmth of your home, everyone will envy your incredible outfit.

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