Animal Onesies: A Day in the Life

By Annie Huynh December 9, 2014
Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you went through it wearing an animal onesie all day long? I mean, sure, it would be super comfy and you'd constantly want to lay down and take a nap in it, but what about the ins and outs of a day? Would it change how you go about getting your morning coffee, getting ready for work, or even interacting with coworkers? All we really know, is that it would make for one awesome day!

Top Reasons You Need GameDay Cowboy Boots

By Spencer Norman September 24, 2014

The painstakingly long wait for the return of college football has finally ended! That means it is time to get all your team gear out and ready to go. This year why not add something new to your collection and show some team spirit on your from head to toe. GameDay Cowboy Boots will have you ready to cheer your Alma Mater on to Victory!

Fall Fashion Bag and Purse Trends: VIDEO

By Annie Huynh September 15, 2014

This season keep up with all the fashion runways and supermodels but checking out the lastest bag trends for the fall. From metallics to clutches and back to colors that pop, find the right purse for you this season. Stay ahead of the game and start fall off on the right fashion note. It'll be your favorite addition to your fall wardrobe.

Top 5 Fall Fashion Apparel & Accessories Must-Haves: VIDEO

By Annie Huynh September 15, 2014

As the long summer nights turn to cool fall days, it's time to start preparing for the new season. Keep warm and look good with a list of our Fall Fashion Apparel & Accessories Must-Haves. That means you should definitely have at least one of these items in your closet this fall. From beanies to scarves and tumblers, these fall essentials will fulfill both your stylish and functional needs.

Our Favorite Infinity Scarves: VIDEO

By Spencer Norman August 29, 2014

Jump into the world of neverending style with a fashionable Infinity Scarf wrapped around your neck. They'll keep you warm in the winter, but are fashionable enough to be worn in the summer. Infinity shouldn't be a concept limited to just Einstein and Buzz Lightyear, it can be used to improve and accentuate any look and outfit. Here is a taste of our favorite Infinity Scarves on

Women's Clutch Style Guide: VIDEO

By Annie Huynh August 29, 2014

Somedays you just don't want to deal with the hassle of lugging that purse around. But don't worry, there is a simple solution, buy a Clutch! These fashionable little companions have enough storage room for all your essentials and go well with any occasion. Whether you are just heading into work, running some errands, or going to a formal event, a Clutch is a great accessory to have by your side.

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Seasonal Scarf Style Guide

By Spencer Norman August 28, 2014

In just a blink of the eye fall will be standing on our door steps, and that means a few weeks later we can kiss the warm temperatures and sunny days goodbye. We don’t want to let the autumn season catch you by the bare neck, so we’ve selected our favorite fall scarves as a guide to keep you warm when the days start to get shorter.

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Top Bags for Travel

By Spencer Norman August 8, 2014

It never hurts to have a fashionable and trustworthy bag by your side throughout your travel adventures. They have just enough room for any and all of your travel essentials, and you don’t have to sacrifice good style for a good, handy bag. A stylish travel also makes for a great conversation starter no matter where in the world you find yourself.

Top 10 Back-to-School Must-Haves

By Spencer Norman August 8, 2014

Whether you are going into your first day of high school or on the verge of getting your degree, everyone knows the importance of looking good when you get back to school. But heading back to school is about more than just style, it’s about making sure you have all the essentials ready to go.

What Type of Purse Hook Fits You Best? VIDEO

By Annie Huynh July 30, 2014

Are you tired of having to set your precious handbags on the floor in your office or hanging behind your chair at a restaurant? Isn't it annoying having to set it on your lap because you don't want your handbag to get dirty or stolen? It's about time you invested in a purse hook.