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Get Top Quality Purse Hangers, Purse Hooks, Purse Organizers, Women’s Wallets & More Travel Accessories at Silver Hooks!

While purses and handbags are useful, and indeed a statement, there is not always a place to put them. In a restaurant, for example, women sometimes need an extra chair for their handbags, which is not always available. An alternative is to hang them from a chair; however, not all purses have long enough handles for that. Not wanting to hold a purse on one’s lap, women often end up putting their handbags on the floor, which brings up all sorts of germ issues, especially in the restroom.

A purse hanger, also called a purse hook, is the answer to this age-old dilemma. These clever hooks come in many styles as well as colors. Some are a classic hook style, some are foldable and some are actually bracelets. They allow a woman to hook them onto the edge of a table, or a bathroom stall, and then hang their purses and handbags from them. There are round ones, square ones and ones with special shapes such as stars, hearts, cupcakes, flowers and fleur-de-lis patterns. With over 100 choices as well as low prices, it is easy to purchase several. This way, there will be a purse hanger to match every purse and handbag. Another benefit to several is that the purse hangers will hold all packages from a successful shopping trip.

Limited edition hangers include such unique styles as the Purple Dragonfly Crystal Gold, the Red Ladybug, a Crystal Christmas Tree and a Crystal Peace Sign. Limited editions need to be grabbed up quick, however, since they change often.

Folding purse hangars are so small that they can easily slip into a pocket. They are just as sturdy as the ones that do not fold and also come in pretty styles. A popular one, the Leilani Teal Luxe Link, is a teal blue purse hook reminiscent of tropical waters. It has a violet tropical flower on it with leaves encircling the flower halfway. Other folding choices include the Malia Pink and the Black and White Luxe.

The bracelet purse hangers look just like a piece of jewelry until they are put to work. There are silver ones, gold ones and colored ones too. There are some cuff-style bracelets, some with double hoops and some with semi-precious stones on them. Wear them as jewelry and then attach them to the side of the table, putting them to work when needed. They are both stylish and hard-working in one piece.